Shrenik Ghodawat

In my view, India is already a Super Power, not in economic terms but due to the young population we have and the power these youth possess.

Young population is the backbone for strong nation building. We as youngsters are the custodians of our country’s progress and it is our constructive efforts that will in turn drive the economic growth henceforth.

I have inherited a dream, passed on to me by my elders, of a greener and peaceful India and a nation that is self sufficient and carbon neutral. As a contribution to this dream, we as group today are already generating over 100MW of electricity through renewable sources and play a substantial role in terms of being an infrastructure ancillary to this sector.

Ghodawat Softech LLP, as I foresee, is a medium to impart conventional education in an unconventional way. We at SGI, strive hard to provide world class facilities to all the students so that they excel as leaders of tomorrow.

There are constant and conscious efforts of all our staff members to live up to the group’s vision in creating more visionaries for a stronger and better tomorrow.

I hope and pray that the youth of today realize the potential bestowed in them and channel all their energy in converting their potential into a reality. One must remember that every drop goes on to form an ocean. Thus every constructive effort, small or big, will lead us one step closer to our goals.

Save energy, save earth. I wish all the students the very best for their future endeavors and hope we all work towards a greener and better tomorrow

Best Wishes

Shri. Shrenik S. Ghodawat
Managing Director
Ghodawat Softech LLP