Vinayak V. Bhosale

Somebody has aptly said, “The good is often the enemy of the best”. At SGI we strive for excellence and innovations at all times and wage a war against the average, good and mediocre.

When one walks the grand porticos of the integrated campus of SGI, he or she realizes that we have left no stone unturned when it comes to excellence in quality of the infrastructure, facilities and education we provide to our dear students. As we are dedicated and committed to sow with excellence, we surely expect to reap excellence too.

Our students are encouraged to inculcate the attitude that whatever they touch can be made better and they can with their contributions make this world a better place to live. This gives an impetus for them to always think, live and act innovatively and not be satisfied with what is but give a thought to what can be.

Today India’s great potential lies not in its armies and nuclear weapons but the population of the youth that this country has at its disposal. If these youths are transformed by education to be skilled and super-skilled manpower then there is no stopping to realize the dream of India becoming the next super power. SGI want to play a role in helping our dear country achieve this great dream.

So I welcome all of you to walk the grand precincts of SGI, to touch, feel and know that dreams do come true and if you allow us to hold your hand and lead you, we will help you to realize your dreams too.

Thank you.

Shri. Vinayak V. Bhosale
Ghodawat Softech LLP